Spectrum Broadcasting Corporation (SBC) is a corporation formed in 1998 to realize major opportunities for profit and public service in media. SBC is an over-the-top (OTT) media company that provides streaming media products and services directly to viewers via the Internet. SBC creates products and programs for webcast, podcast, radio and television broadcast.

SBC supplies audio/video production, image projection, graphic and web design, product and artist booking, management, and consultation services to producers of programs, events, conferences, meetings and shows. SBC sells creative, production, and management services through its divisions, Spectrum Creatives and Spectrum Management.

SBC produces Sun Music – sun-music.net – your on-line Black Music destination streaming four styles of music Live & On Demand. Featuring songs from new, established and independent musicians, Sun Music informs the world about the variety and excellence of Black American music.

Your Black Trusted Voices aggregates stories from local and national Black news sources to keep you informed about you.

Founded in 1984, Spectrum Management provides strategic direction and consultation to businesses and individuals. Spectrum Management services include product management, artist and theatrical booking, business strategies and media consultation.

Spectrum Creatives is a full service design and production company that provides writing, audio/video production, graphic and website design services. Spectrum Creatives specializes in producing print materials for publishing and distribution as well as live and recorded programs for broadcast, webcast, and streaming.

Spectrum Creatives produces marketing, promotion, media planning and education campaigns for individuals, companies, government agencies and community based organizations. Our in-house capabilities and collaborative approach allows us to offer premium quality services at affordable rates.