Tessil Collins

Tessil Collins - Innovation Tessil Collins is the CEO of Spectrum Broadcasting Corporation and operates its divisions Spectrum Creatives and Spectrum Management. Mr. Collins is a subject matter expert in all aspects of media production and technology, graphic and web design, product promotion, marketing and advertising. Tessil is the Executive Producer of SBC’s Internet radio station, Sun-Music.net

Tessil Collins - New Media Production
A creative writer and designer, Tessil produces audio, video and graphic media products. He is an educator and business consultant who develops materials used by arts, media, communications, business and public service institutions and industry.

A 27 year veteran of the Boston Public Schools, Mr. Collins has held Adjunct Faculty positions  at Wheelock College, Emerson College and the Art Institute of New England. He teaches courses in New Media Production, Technology Literacy, Microsoft Office and WordPress.

Mr. Collins is a graduate of the National Association of Broadcasters Education Foundation’s Broadcast Leadership Training Program.  This year-long program is targeted to senior level broadcast managers of proven ability who aspire to advance as group executives or station owners.

Tessil wrote and produced “My Roxbury”, a video poem that celebrates the Boston neighborhood of Roxbury, Massachusetts.  He is  President of the Roxbury Crossing Historical Trust , In this role, he is a Research Associate at the Special Collections and Archives, Healy Library UMass Boston where he manages the Roxbury History Blog.

Born in Boston Tessil is a graduate of Tufts University and the Boston Latin School.  Mr. Collins is a management professional whose consultant services are available for contract in the all aspects of the media, music, politics, business and education. As the media have converged and times have changed, Tessil Collins has emerged as an innovator and leader.